11 Weight Loss Ideas You Should Know Before Seeing Your Doctor

Weight Loss Ideas You Should Know Before Seeing Your Doctor

Tips here are some weight loss ideas your doctor wish you should know before visiting them for help.

These tips are very beneficial to someone who is willing to lose weight at all cost. Read on to learn these great healthy weight loss ideas we compile here for your benefit.

  1. Consume more vegetables

Eating more vegetables helps loose weight, that is why many diet planners do not skip this very part.

Even if you hate eating vegetables, you have to start eating vegetables gradually until you form a habit.

To keep this new habit, you got to find ways to enjoy them. You can start by experimenting on varieties of vegetables or try out alternative methods.

If you don’t like taking the vegetables fresh, try other methods of cooking them. Making sure they don’t lose their nutrients when doing that.

For instance, if you are the type that doesn’t like your vegetable steamed. You should try making it enticing by probably combining them with other foods.

Explore the world of vegetables until you find a way of enjoying them on a daily basis.

  1. Talk about your weight loss plan

If you let people know you have plans for losing weight, it keeps you more determined to stick with your plans.

If you tell people about your plans, it will make you conscious of realizing your goal.  They will be expecting changes as regards to what you have told them.

You can tell your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend; your coworkers or even your neighbors since they are close to you.  They will often want to know how you are going about your weight loss plans the more.

Their inquisitiveness and contributions can even tell you if you are making any progress or not.

  1. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is actually not the best thing to do when you want to lose weight. If you skip meals a lot you are definitely going to reduce your metabolism. Which will have a bad effect on your general wellbeing.

Skipping meals especially breakfast is a bad way of cutting calories and it is in fact, an unhealthy choice.

You really need to eat to lose weight because food gives you strength. The kind of food you eat is what matters here. It is because of this reason that you are supposed to eat more vegetables and fruits.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Your doctor wishes you know that taking alcohol and desiring to lose weight don’t go together. Alcohol can interfere with your fat metabolism which in turn prevents you from losing weight. Since it contains carbohydrate and additional calories.

It is better you take wine than beer because naturally, you sip wine slowly but take alcohol on a larger amount. For persons desiring to lose weight, avoiding the intake of alcohol is one step to their progress.

  1. Having less sleep is not good for weight loss

For you to lose weight, it is good to sleep properly for at least seven hours every night. Not having enough sleep impedes with the control of your impulse. This can inversely going to lead you into making wrong food choices.

Lack of sleep increases your hunger hormones, prompts you to eat regularly. Consuming the more is a bad idea for your weight loss process.

  1. Exercise is less important than diet

Most thought that when they exercise and sweat, it is enough for losing weight. Not knowing afterwards, they go about consuming whatever they want without caution.

Research shows that when you exercise and consume food high in calories, you don’t have chances of losing weight.

Therefore, the kind of food you eat when you want to lose weight is highly important than the exercise you do.

This does not dispute the fact that exercise plays a great role in weight loss. Exercise do make you sweat and burn down more calories that helps you in weight loss.

  1. Slow down when you eat

When you eat too fast, it encourages you to eat more. It is because of this reason that it is advisable that you should learn to eat slowly.

To learn to start eating slowly, when biting your meal, try to put down your utensils. Try finishing up what you are chewing before you pick up the next chunk of a meal.

You can as well use your less preferred hand while eating. When you eat slowly, you become full faster and also eat less.

  1. Avoid sugar

When advised to avoid sugary food, most thought it means that they should avoid adding sugar. Most of the things we eat are high in sugar, they have hidden sugar.

Sugars are present in corn syrups, energy drinks, yoghurt, soda, evaporated can juice, packed fruits and more.

  1. Use the scale daily

Weighing yourself on a daily basis helps you recognize how well or how bad you maintain your weight loss routine.

If you have it in mind that after the day’s activities, that you are going to weigh yourself, and probably write it down.

It will keep you conscious of the things you eat and make you limit your consumptions thereby making you maintain your goals.

  1. Get your mind ready for hard work

Anyone willing to lose weight should be prepared to do a lot more such as avoiding certain preferred meals and sticking to your exercise routine.

Whatever goals you have set for yourself in other to achieve your weight loss goal and also maintain the achieved weight.

One thing is to lose weight but the most important thing is to maintain the already achieved weight results.

Maintaining a weight requires a lot more effort. To be able to maintain a weight that was achieved, you have to set goals that involve things that you will do to keep this habit. In that way, you’ll find it difficult changing that already formed habit.

  1. Eat more fiber

A diet rich in fiber is one of the best ways of losing weight. Fiber enriches diet makes you full for a long time and when you are full, you will not desire to have more to eat.

Fiber prevents constipation and gets your digestive system on the right track. It is good to eat fiber with protein s

o that you become more satisfied. Drinking water after taking a fiber-enriched meal prevents your stomach from swelling up.

On a daily basis, men are expected to consume 38 grams of fiber while women are required to consume 25 grams.


Trying to lose excess weight is a good thing. Many people have tried losing weight but when they do not see immediate results, they get frustrated and eventually quit.

But it is very necessary you keep trying different tips given on this article. This will help your weight plans needs before deciding to see your doctor.

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