10 Amazing Weight Loss Techniques for Stay at Home Moms

Tips on Weight Loss Techniques for Stay at Home Moms

It’s really not easy for stay at home moms to lose weight. The fact is that they are always close to their kitchen. Also, they have kids that probably won’t finish their plate of food. This might tempt them to eat more.

Keep reading to find some weight loss techniques you can easily apply to lose weight.

  1. Drink enough water

Drinking water regularly is known to be the best way to help you eat less thereby promoting weight loss. This is true because consuming an adequate amount of water reduces appetite.

It is good to drink water for at least 20 minutes before your mealtime. You can as well sip water while eating. These practices help you become full in no time thereby reducing your calorie consumption.

Stay at home moms can take at least 3 liters of water daily. If they are engaged in much physical exercise, they should take more. During summer seasons, we sweat a lot. So, it is good to consume more water during such seasons.

Water also washes away toxins in the body and most toxins cause the body to inflame. This inflammation alternatively, causes weight increase.

  1. Keep track of your calories intake daily

Before you start tracking your calories, identify the amount of calorie you require to maintain your weight. When you’ve identified it, you reduce that number in your consumptions.

Tracking your calories get your mind focused on your desires to shed weight. The best way to track your calories is by jotting down your calorie intake.

Apart from using a notebook to track your calories, you can download a diet app. It’s always good to download such apps in your smartphone or personal computer because they’re portable.

It’s also good to count everything that goes into your mouth including snacks. You should also consider the little bites you take from children’s food.

These little things add up to your calories but most times we tend to ignore them.

  1. Take healthful protein

It might seem weird to be encouraged to take protein for weight loss. But yes! It aids weight loss. Protein-enriched food does not digest easily and this gives a feeling of fullness.

Protein also reduces appetite and also improves body metabolism. Protein like corn, black beans, cauliflower, salmon, potatoes, milk, egg, etc. is best for weight loss.

Protein gives the body the right nutrient needed for proper functioning and healthy weight loss.

  1. Reduce the intake of carb foods

Consuming a lesser amount of carbohydrate is the best strategy for weight loss. Stay at home moms should always bear this in mind.

The low carbs diet should be adopted for better results. Low carbs diet means eating healthy fat, vegetable and protein as against sugary and starchy food.

Too sugary and starchy foods are major agents for weight gain. Apart from this affecting the mom’s weight, it also affects other family members.

For a start, avoid buying processed food and go for fresh and whole grains. Processed carbohydrate foods digest quickly and this results to you having the desire to eat more.

  1. Lift weight

Most stay at home moms hardly has time for certain exercises like weight lifting. Lifting weight is one of the best methods of burning down fat.

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to be able to lift a weight. You can use items in the house that have great weight ones in a while.

You can lift your little child with the appropriate weight you require to make it fun. Lift as many times as possible to get the best result.

  1. Get enough sleep

So many things might cause stay at home moms not to have enough sleep. It could be taking care of the crying baby or domestic activities or caffeine intake.

Whenever you do not have enough sleep, your hunger hormone increases. This implies that you will have increased appetite and be forced to eat more.

Seek ways to avoid all things that reduce sleep for proper weight loss. You can reduce your caffeine intake, especially in the night. You can as well get help with the baby and plan out other domestic chores earlier.

  1. Check your weight regularly

Regular check on the weight helps in knowing how well you are progressing. It will help you know the things you did wrong and the ones you did right.

At the end of every day, write down your weight before you go to bed. You get motivated if you progressed or be pushed to do more if nothing much happened.

  1. Chew your food more thoroughly

One of the best techniques for weight loss is to thoroughly chew your food. Taking time to chew your food slows down your consumption and you end up eating little.

When little is consumed, inversely, lesser calories are consumed and weight loss is achieved. Maintaining a good table manner is one way of making this possible. When you do not talk while eating, you end up concentrating and enjoying your food.

  1. Take healthful snacks

A mom desiring to lose weight should not consume all sorts of snacks made available. She should eat snacks with lots of sugar. The children can have such snacks but the mom should get herself some healthy snacks.

They are a wide variety of healthy snacks for weight loss. Such snacks are almonds, cucumber slices, apple slices, and mixed fruits, peanut and so on.

  1. Exercise regularly

It is true that staying at home can be a little stressful. It is good for moms to figure out the time for exercise even as they stay at home.

You can climb the stairs as many times as possible. You can wake up earlier and jog or run. You can as well, take a little break to dance in your house. You can try out yoga or meditation.

When you have mastered some yoga techniques, you can be doing them while you work. This keeps you active and

as well, helps in weight loss.

Another way is to join the children in most of their games. This is fun and as well works for weight loss.


Moms desiring to lose weight can do so even in their homes and busy schedule. The only thing you require is to get started. You should avoid letting the children know about your plans in most cases. Most children always want to try out what their moms are doing.

You can follow the techniques above to make the best choice of your weight loss plan.

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