6 Remarkable Ways Fasting for Weight Loss May Quote It

Remarkable Ways Fasting for Weight Loss May Quote It

Fasting has been seen as one of the widespread means of losing weight. It is seen to have other health benefits when properly done.

Fasting for a short period of time mostly some hours in a day or two to three days in a week. Have remarkable effects on weight loss.

If you fast for a short period of time, you will consume fewer amounts of calories. It also makes the weight loss hormones active.

The body’s stores fat in the form of energy or calories. If we fast, several things in the body are changed for more accessibility of the stored energy. These changes occur in the nervous system as well as some important hormones.

The importance of fasting includes;

  • The insulin level of our body changes rises when we eat. That is why, when we do not eat, it reduces and burns fat.
  • The growth hormone in the body is drastically increased as we fast causing a high rate of fat loss.
  • Fasting for a short period of time helps in burning fat. This statement opposes the fact that you should eat smaller meals about 6 times a day.
  • During fasting, norepinephrine is sent by the body’s nervous system to the cell that produces fat. However, forces them to break down the fat in the body into fatty acids which are in turn burnt down in the form of energy.
  • When we fast for a shorter period of time at least two days, our body metabolism is boosted.
  • Fasting aids in lowering inflammation levels, blood sugar as well as blood pressures.

Remarkable ways of fasting for weight loss

There are a wide variety of methods of fasting but individuals are advised to select the one they prefer. Mostly the ones they can strictly stick on to get the best kind of results. Whichever way or method chosen serves the same purpose of assisting in weight loss through fasting. The only thing is that they differ.

  1. 16 hours Fast

The 16 hours fast is a widespread method of weight loss which has been known to be highly effective if followed properly. It was initially designed for weightlifters but recently so many persons adopted the method.

The 16 hours fasting method is generally known as Leangains Protocol or the 16:8 methods and it was created by Martin Berkhan.

In this method, the male fast for 16 hours in a day. Then eat at least 2 to 3 meals for the rest of the 8 hours of that day. Whereas the female will fast for 14 hours and then eat 2 to three meals for the rest of the days 10 hours.

The method is done by taking dinner by finishing dinner before 8 pm. Then skipping breakfast the next morning. The next meal will be taken in the afternoon that by 12 noon and within the fasting period. The persons involved do not eat anything but can drink water or any beverages without calories.

This method is best suitable for persons who do not usually take breakfast. Because it will really seem normal. If you try this method out and discover you feel hungry in the morning, then, the method is really not for you.

Within the 8 or 10 hours, you have to eat during the day. Ensure you eat nutrition-packed food to remain healthy as you fast. If possible eat low carb diet.

This method protects obesity, diabetes, liver diseases and inflammation.

  1. Fast for 24 hours twice or once weekly

This method is usually called the Eat-Stop-Eat method and it was developed by Brad Pilon. It is a way of fasting for 24 hours for once or two times a week.

The person choosing this method can choose any preferred days of the week to do the fasting so long as they maintain it and also do not do consecutively.

This method can be done from breakfast of the first day to that of the second day. Possibly from lunch to lunch or dinner to dinner. The most important thing is that it is up to 24 hours.

During the fasting period, the persons involved are allowed to drink water as much as they like. Can even take beverages and coffee that are free from calories.

During the free time, that is, the time of no fasting. The persons involved can eat normally to avoid fatigue. If you find this method too difficult. Then try starting with other fasting methods before you progress to this.

  1. Eat huge at night and fast during the day

This method is called the Warrior Diet, created by Ori Hofmekler. In this method of fasting, the person involved eats very little food for 20 hours during the day. But uses 4 hours in the night to eat a large amount of food. The foods to be eaten at the fasting period are raw fruits and vegetables of different varieties.

Eating a large amount of food at once after eating little for a long time can make some persons very uncomfortable.

Most fruits and vegetables do not contain fiber and the correct amount of nutrient for proper health care. It is in this regard that persons who are unable to combine the fruits and vegetables properly are advised to look for the more appropriate method for them to avoid ailments.

  1. Fast every other day

This method is called the Alternate Day Fasting. This method is used to improve blood sugar, weight loss, and cholesterol. The person involved in this method eats about 500 calories on the other two non-consecutive days of the week.

This is to say that, for 4 or 5 days in a week, the person using this method eats the number of calories they burn in the day and then eats 500 calories on the remaining two to three days of the week.

  1. Meal skipping

This method involves consciously omitting a particular meal. The person using this fasting method can either skip breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on choice. The main idea here is that the person’s weight is reduced when it is continued every day for a long period of time.

If you don’t feel hungry or you don’t have any prepared meal to eat, simply skip it and when eating your next meal, ensure it is totally balanced.

  1. Fast for two days in a week

This fasting method is also called the 5:2 Diet or Fast diet designed by Doctor Michael Mosley. It has to do with eating your normal diet for 5 days in a week and then reducing your calor

ie intake for the rest of the other remaining 2 days in the week.

The fasting days can differ from persons it all depends on choice. On fasting days, women should eat 500 calories, while men should eat 600 calories.


The above listed remarkable fasting ways for weight loss is strictly for persons desiring to lose weight. Therefore, if you are comfortable with your weight, feel free to avoid fasting.

Also, the methods are not all meant to be followed at once, in case you try out any of them and you notice you are comfortable with the method then, no need going for the other once.

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