11 Sure Ways to Flatten Your Stomach as Quick as Possible

Achieving a flatter stomach seems tough most times. However, this can be accomplished by switching to healthy diets and lifestyle, alongside physical activity.

Belly fat may result from past pregnancies, genetics or hormones. Probably, diet changes and some abdominal exercises can melt away belly fats.

Pay attention to this article, you will fully understand 11 sure methods to flatten your stomach quickly.

Dietary changes

  1. More intake of fiber-rich foods

Fiber plays a very important role in fat loss and weight management. Eating more of fiber-rich foods, especially soluble fiber keeps you full for the long-term.

Soluble fiber helps in controlling overall bodyweight and may assist in flattening the stomach. Eating fiber-rich foods helps to curb your appetite and prevent eating of fad diets.

Major your diets on whole plant fiber foods, instead of fiber supplements. Consume more of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to get your desired belly size.

  1. Burn more calories than you consume

Flattening your stomach means reducing the amount of fat in the abdominal area. Actually, the way we eat can reduce or increase our body fat percentage.

And so, when you consume more calories than you burn, you’re likely to experience difficulty in flattening your stomach.

The recommended daily calorie intake for an average woman is 1,200, while that of a man is 1,800.

Therefore, target burning more than the values of calories mentioned above per day.

Maintaining these amounts of calorie intake and burning more melts away body fat, especially stomach fat.

  1. Cut down on refined carbs

If you want to reduce your body fat, cut down on certain diets that can sabotage your plan. Refined carbs and sugar are known as diet saboteurs.

But surprisingly, they are the food we comfortably crave oftentimes. All desserts foods, pizzas, French fries, white bread, and others supply the body with excessive fat.

A lot of people are overweight today due to excessive consumption of unhealthy diets. The major culprit that build-up body fat, especially around the waist-line is refined carbs.

Regardless of this, they still remain the diets of the day. Cut down on refined carbs and sugar now and get your stomach flattened.

  1. Follow the flat-belly meal plan

Following the ultimate flat-belly food menu, can lead you to a quick result for a flat stomach.

Nutritionists have taken time to research an ultimate meal plan for a flat belly.

The ultimate flat-belly meal plan below will never disappoint you.

Breakfast: Oatmeal for breakfast is a very nice start for healthy eating. Others are whole-wheat bread, fruit smoothie, granola parfait, yogurt with berries.

Lunch:  Salad, avocado, soup, cherry tomatoes, and grilled firm tofu.

Dinner: Spinach pizza, stir-fried vegetables, drilled salmon fish and vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes, etc.

Snacks: Fruits, especially nuts, plain yogurt, and popcorn.

Lifestyle changes

  1. Avoid late-night food

When it comes to losing fat, the stomach seems to be the most stubborn area. In order to avoid the awkward feelings, get rid of things that can cause belly fat.

Naturally, the body continues to burn some fat even as you sleep. However, this is not obtainable when you fill the stomach at the late hours.

If you maintain the amount of recommended daily calories, you may not gain extra fat.

But, the worst of it all is that night-time eaters usually make the wrong meal choices. This in turns leads to weight gain, especially in the abdominal area.

  1. Reduce portion size

It is very important to pay attention to your meal portion. Use a smaller size of plate while dishing your foods.

The size of the plate you use in dishing your foods determines the amount you consume. Prevent belly fat by getting a small plate that will get you to eat lesser.

Factually, when you have a larger space on your plate, you will tend to eat more than the body requires.

  1. Eating at the magic hour

Eating the right time magically thwarts the fat that pile-up around the waist-line.

Breakfast should be eaten between 6 am and 8 am. You can take healthy snacks around 9 am before lunchtime.

The time appropriate for lunch is 12noon, alongside protein-rich snacks between 3 pm to 4 pm.

Tend not to go up to 5 or 6 hours between lunch and dinner without eating anything.

This will increase your craving for junk foods, which definitely leads to a poor dinner choice

Exercises to flatten the stomach

  1. Plank

Plank is a strength exercise that can practically get you in shape. This exercise will not just benefit your deep inner core; it works for a flat stomach too.

It is regarded as isomeric and foundational exercise. It involves muscle contraction without noticeable movement, also serves the starting point of most exercises.

To start this exercise,

  • In a press-up position, bend your elbow and raise your knees above the floor.
  • A straight line position should be maintained through the top of your head.
  • Put your weight on your forearms and gaze at the floor.

It is a kind of exercise that requires a step-by-step instruction. Your shoulder is engaged during this exercise as well as your back, hamstrings, arms, and glutes.

Almost everybody desires to have a flat tummy. That notwithstanding, to reap the most reward of this exercise, three planks should be held for 60 seconds.

An alternative way of planking is using the side, it is called side plank.

  1. Russian twist

Russian twist is a wonderful abs exercise that works your waistline. It will help you achieve your desire for a flat stomach.

To achieve a Russian twist,

  • Lie on the floor.
  • Hold your feet together in a static pattern.
  • Bend your legs a bit at the knees.
  • Now, hold your arms in your front.
  • Try lifting your upper body towards your knees.
  • Try to make a V-shape with your thighs and torso.
  • In a slow pattern, twist from side to side.

NB- The movement should be done with the strength of your abs, not just the arms.

The aim of this exercise is to achieve continues twisting motion on the abdomen.

  1. Sit-ups

Another effective workout for flattening your stomach is sit up. Although people see it as being too basic, it is very effective.

Start a sit up by

  • Lying with your back on the ground.
  • Then, bend your knees.
  • Ensure that the upper body is lying flat on the ground.
  • Put your two hands on your head and lift your upper body off the ground.
  • Your feet should be glued to the floor.
  • Gradually lift your upper body from the ground.
  • You should target to train your core more during this movement.
  • As you push your chest towards your legs, control them back the ground.
  • Repeat the movement at least 10-15 times.
  1. Crunches

One of the exercises that can easily be achieved at home without equipment is crunches. If you wish to burn belly fat to achieve a flatter stomach, keep doing crunches.

Use crunches to target your stomach and see results in just a few weeks. This exercise tends to provide endurance in the abdominal muscles.

Start crunches by

  • lying down on the floor
  • Bring your knees up and put your hands at the back of your head.
  • Put you
    r feet on the floor to raise your upper body up.
  • Breath-out as you lift up your body and breathe in while returning to the floor.

Repeat the whole procedure for some minutes for better results.


A proper diet should be maintained with a healthy lifestyle to achieve a flatter stomach. All exercises should also be done at least three times a week. A proper diet should be maintained daily.

If you have always been dreaming to flatten your stomach, follow the tips provided above to get a slimmer waistline.

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